Hello! I'm Andrew: a writer, filmmaker, and theatre practitioner from New Zealand.​​​​​​​
Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas
The Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
The Court Theatre
Fantasia Film Festival
Frank Film
​​​​​​​48HOURS Furious Filmmaking
MegaZebra Games
The New Zealand Film Commission
Propaganda Film
South Pacific Pictures
Vox Media
2021 Voyager Media Award nominee, Best Documentary/Series, "Munted" (as designer/animator)
2020 NZ Writers Guild Seed Advanced grant recipient
Films selected for Morbido Fest, Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Chattanooga Film Festival, Kiev International Short Film Festival, Abycinitos Film Festival, and Amarcort Film Festival
Fantasia International Film Festival AQCC Camera Lucida Juror, 2019
Slamdance Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalist, 2018
48HOURS National Runner-Up and Best Score 2009; City Winner and Best Script 2018; Grand Finalist and Best Cinematography 2019; Best Ultra, Animation, and Sound Design 2021
Fantastic Fest Nerd Rap Champion, 2012, 2013, 2017
SWMF Film Festival Screenwriting Challenge Finalist, 2017
Fantastic Arcade Games Juror, 2015
Fantastic Fest Comedy Juror, 2014 (w Matt Johnson & Leonard Maltin)
So Lonely I Could Die (feature, in development)
Cookie Cutter (feature, in development)
Changing South (2022, webseries, online editing)
Munted (2020, webseries, design/animation)
Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws (2015, feature)
The Sounds Of Earth (animated short, 2021)
The Quiet Moon (animated short, 2020)
Schism (short, 2019)
Utka (animated ​​​​​​​short, 2018)
Popularity Contest (2019, interactive fiction for WhattaStory!)
New Fish (short, 2009)
Telefrag (2013 Prime TV documentary series, as co-writer)
Shortland Street (2012, TV2 primetime soap, as writer)

Scared Scriptless (2006-present, Court Jesters) - Improviser/MC
The Wind In The Willows (2019, Court Theatre) - Albert [review 2 | 3]
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2019, Court) - AV design [review 2]
Time Machine (2019, Court) - Writer
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (2017, Court) - Director
Hamlet: The Video Game: The Stage Show (2017, Auckland Live, Taranaki Arts Festival, Chch Arts Festival) - Video design [review 2 | review 3
Cinderella In Space (2017, Court) - Sound design and original songs
Tales From Camp Horror (2015, NZ Improv Fest) - Director
Classical Sparks (2015, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra) - AV design
Buffoon's Birthday (2010, NZ Fringe) - director
Othello (2008, UC Dramasoc) - Iago [Best Actor, UC Arts Awards]

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