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Previously, I have been published on a range of websites: Birth.Movies.Death (where I was Gaming Editor and a senior contributor), IGN, Polygon, VICE, SlashFilm, The Spinoff, Gameplanet, FirstPost, The Bite, DreadCentral, and more.



I have been cited in academic papers:
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“Stunting Death: Affect, Attraction And Authenticity In Rated-R Superhero Cinema” by Ryan Kent Greene (MA thesis, Colorado State University, 2018)
“It taught me to hate them all.”: Toxicity through DOTA 2’s Players, Systems, and Media Dispositive” by Marc Lajeunesse (MA thesis, Concordia University Montreal, 2018)
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“2D character animation in live action movies” by Viivi Härtsiä (Undergrad paper, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, 2020)
“The Evolution of Cel Animation and Live-Action/Animation” by Dion Powell & Di Trapani (Undergrad paper, Portland State University, 2020)
“Beauty and the Beast of Technology in Gorodischer’s “A la luz de la casta luna electrónica” by Grace A. Martin (Bridgewater College, 2019)
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“On neckbeards and arseholes” by Leigh Nicholson (Honi Soit, University of Sydney, week 6 semester 2 2014)

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