Feature film, with Johnny Hall. [Official Site]​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"Hilarious and inventive" - ScreenAnarchy
"A micro-budget delight" - Film School Rejects
"Magnificently ridiculous" - High Def Digest
"Sometimes a movie concept is so awesome that you have to make the sequel first." - io9
“Could well become the cult movie Kiwi cinema has lacked during the past decade.” - The Press
“Funny, new, and quite different" - Radio New Zealand
"Weird as hell...a great film to watch with a group of friends" - Daily Dot
“One of the funniest indies I've ever seen" - Filip Tegstedt (director, Marianne)
"Extremely entertaining" - Cosmopolitan
"Short enough not to wear out its welcome" - Kim Newman's Video Dungeon
SCHISM (2019, 3m)

48HOURS 2019, sci-fi short with Johnny Hall.
Christchurch Second Runner-Up, Grand Finalist, Winner Best Cinematography.
Official Selection, Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2019.
Official Selection, Morbido Fest 2019.
Official Selection, Chattanooga Film Festival 2020.
Official Selection, Amarcort Film Festival 2020.
UTKA (2018, 5m)

48HOURS 2018, animated "wish movie" short with Johnny Hall.
Christchurch City Winner, Grand Finalist, Winner Best Script and Best Animation.
Official Selection, Kyiv International Short Film Festival 2019.
Official Selection, Abycinitos Film Festival 2020.
THE QUIET MOON (2020, 3m)

48HOURS Lockdown 2020, animated sci-fi short with Johnny Hall.

NEW FISH (2009, 7m)

48HOURS 2009, musical with TBALC.
Christchurch City Winner, National Runner-Up, Winner Best Original Score.

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