I worked with The Court Theatre's celebrated Court Jesters improv company for twelve years.
In that time, I performed in, MCed, and directed hundreds of improvised and semi-improvised comedy shows, musicals, and corporate performances.
Scared Scriptless (2006-2017 late-night shortform) - Improviser/MC
The Early Early Late Show (2017 kids' shortform) - Improviser
Tales From Camp Horror (2015, NZ Improv Fest semi-longform) - Devin (also director)
Pirates! The Musical (2015 longform musical) - Cabin Boy Brian
Soapland Street (2014-2015 longform) - Slade MacTaggart & Palmer Chalmers
Over The Top (2014 WWI Christmas show) - Private Booth
Jester Court (2014 corporate show) - director
Scriptless: The Musical (2014 longform musical) - MC
Bänd of Röck (2014 longform) - Alpha Draconis (bass, keys, guitar, vox)
Space Patrol 5 (2014 longform) - Cmdr Dalton Longrod
Man’s Best Friend (2013 longform) - lighting operator
A Very Merry Scriptless (2011 longform musical) - Improviser & Singer
The Directors (2011, NZ Improv Fest shortform) - MC 
Death At Murder Manor (2010, NZ Improv Fest longform) - Herbert Hightower

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