From 2011 to 2017, I was the Christchurch City Manager of New Zealand's 48HOURS filmmaking competition.
Outside those years, I made a number of award-winning short films:

UTKA (48HOURS 2018, Wish Movie)

Christchurch City Winner, National Finalist, Winner Best Script and Best Animation

Official Selection, Kyiv International Short Film Festival 2019

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NEW FISH (48HOURS 2009, Musical)

Christchurch City Winner, National Runner-Up, Winner Best Original Score

I AM SINGLE (48HOURS 2010, Romantic Comedy)

Christchurch City Finalist, Winner Best Makeup

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THE REVENANT (2016, One Day Project) 
A remake of THE REVENANT (2015), shot in 90 minutes and finished in six hours.
MADE FOR EACH OTHER (2016, One Day Project)
A remake of MADE FOR EACH OTHER (1939), shot in one day.
THE FORBIDDEN PATH (2017, One Day Project)
A remake of the deleted scenes from the lost film THE FORBIDDEN PATH (1918), shot in one hour.
"Experts" (2017, One Day Project)
A series of short, improvised, made-up podcasts, recorded in an afternoon.

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