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THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS (2019, as actor)​​​​​​​

"A special salute also to Andrew Todd who provided a gem of a performance as Albert, Toad's world-weary and melancholic philosopher horse. He might have been a nay-sayer but for me he stole every scene." - The Press
"[Todd's] delivery and tiresome attitude entertains and is a welcome addition to the familiar tale. Todd assumes a solid stage presence and consistently inspires tittering laughter from the audience with his despondent tone and proletariat jokes." - Theatre Scenes

HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH (2019, as video designer)​​​​​​​

"Andrew Todd’s AV work, in particular, is a marvel. Projections and animations illustrate historic and emotional context. In a beautiful moment of layered, thoughtful staging, they also bring to life the song that acts as a capsule version of the show’s narrative arc, as well as its spiritual backbone" - Theatreview
"This show absolutely sizzles...I loved the animated sequence on the gauze" - The Press
THE TIME MACHINE (2019, as writer)

"A captivating and amusing jaunt through time [...] Comical chase scenes, not-so-scary monsters and some hilarious audience interaction make for an entertaining morning." - Theatreview

"The beautifully rendered animations, designed by Andrew Todd [...] tell the story and offer a privileged glimpse into Christopher's mind in a cinematic and visual way" - The Press
"Brilliantly conceived AV effects"Theatreview
SNOW WHITE (2017, as director)

"Energetic direction [...] a holiday treat that uses the resources of theatre to create under our noses the joyful magic of storytelling"Theatreview
HAMLET: THE VIDEO GAME: THE STAGE SHOW (2017, as video designer)

"AV designer Andrew Todd's flawless parodies of video game graphics, right down to the perfect fonts, shows a real love for video game culture."The Press
"Special mention must go to Andrew Todd for his slick audio-visual design work. The digital backdrops and animations that back the stage are packed with in-jokes, puns, and references, and are crucial to giving the action on stage an authentically gamey”feel" - Gameplanet

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